Anushka Sharma Playing Cricket? A tweet from BCCI women’s team’s handle, mentioning Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma and cricket usually come up in the same sentence only with Virat Kohli. Anushka Sharma in conjunction with cricket usually only happens when trolls and memes take over on social media for Virat Kohli’s bad day on the pitch.

However, a tweet from BCCI women’s team is now going viral for mentioning Anushka Sharma. The tweet from BCCI Women came after Indian B team skipper Anushka Sharma scored a fifty in an U-19 Interstate one-day tournament. What is lesser known is that a namesake of the famous actress is the skipper of India’s B tea which is currently participating in the U-19 Women’s cricket cup.

In the viral tweet, the BCCI women’s handle mentioned, “Anushka Sharma 52 runs in 88 balls, India B 140/0 “.

As the tweet went viral swiftly with over 10,000 likes, netizens didn’t waste much time to show their confusion through funny memes and jokes. Meanwhile India B Captain Anushka Sharma is leading from the front as she scored 72 runs against India A in Women’s Under-19 One Day Challenger Trophy 2021-22 helping India B to a score of 221 Runs.

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